From dream to house, from fantasy to reality

The construction of your own home, the problem, which seems almost unrealizable dream than a distant and unrealizable. But the thought of owning your own home, the desire to be the "master", lives in the heart of every self-respecting man, a real man.

The author of this site, when, long ago, thinking about the same as thinking distinguished visitor who reads these lines of his own house, visiting relatives in a small cottage, having tasted the delights of peace and comfort of living in his house, he decided for himself once and for all : home to be, and I'm sure in their desires, rushed into the vastness of the worldwide network to find answers to urgent questions like?

From the project at home (at the top) to a real house (photo) we are moving leisurely ...

After six months of readings of various books on construction sites, forums on the topic of construction, in the process of absorption of information began to emerge overall vision of the construction projects at home, started the choice of information is really meaningful and useful, rather than simply copying information from primary sources and the issuance of the "own creation" .

Pages are placed in chronological order, the beginning of construction - the purchase of land in 2004. Be sure to visit all the pages, you may find yourself looking for something that came to my humble site dedicated to building your own home.

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In the "Sponsors", (well, a bit on the site, I'm not abusing this case) is advertising (as well without it), it can pay for domain and hosting, as well as compensate authors for the cost of internet access, personal time on questions from visitors its location provides support and future update of the site.

Red links are not open yet, but will be filled in the future.

The "Search" speaks for itself ...

Nice view and opening new horizons of knowledge! Well, the desire to build your house after learning site

Best regards, site author.


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