Build 1 floor...


After laying and rolling of roofing material for a snug fit and heating in the sun, missed stitches. Waterproofing is ready!


It is the turn purchase units, ordered a car and a two-stage brought, unloaded blocks as close as possible to the place of installation, ie. right into the basement. Without mortar laid out a number, for the sake of experience.

has delivered blocks

Began laying blocks, the bottom layer of the solution put on a strong solution of 1:3, the next is 1:4, and the solution was slightly more plastic, added detergent (read on the internet).

1 row is ready

2 row was putting on the strings, they sounded the diagonal, and given that the foam block has been uneven, the Mortar joint was also different, and needed a correction of the heights of the corners. Do so exposed the corner stones, fought off the horizon of water level was fixed at the corner stones of the solution, and already stretched on the sides of the string, which oriented; when laying (we are, because the clutch did with my wife alone, she helped and served the solution, and of itself a - fed).

Due to the fact that the mortar joints have been stout on account of irregularities foam block, they were huge cold bridges, from which it was necessary to get rid of, entered again through read on the Internet. One person was putting a block on the rail the desired thickness, thus achieving the same thickness of the seam and the air gap in the middle of the wall. Followed his example, made the rail 10 mm thick, 40 mm wide, with a handle for ease of movement, beginning with the laying of the outline of the solution to the right and left of the slats (pre-soaking water below and the overlying unit, so that moisture does not run off into the porous block and the solution was strong ). After an outline of the solution, compared trowel height rack excess mortar and leveled ground planting unit, then rake was removed, creating a gap. Vertical seam made in the same way, just pressing down a trowel to the end of the block left standing rail, and then laying blocks, and inciting a rubber mallet jump on rail portable (40 cm) were measured in two dimensions - length and breadth of the wall

кладу ряд
masonry blocks

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