Build 1 floor...


Upon delivery of blocks on pallets, blocks were packaged with a special plastic tape, strong, very rough, it had accumulated while unpacking a skein, without thinking twice, and read about the plastic reinforcement grid used in various fields of construction, it decided to apply in those ranks, where there is no steel mesh.

Plastic instead of fitting

On the third row should be laid with steel a grid, and continue laying.

steel mesh reinforcement

Can see openings under doors, this way has been very nice to see, as it determines the general form of the future home ....

shows the average house wall

The walls are growing, but I do not get laid more than half of the series (25 units), while pull mixer ... Knead until a solution .... yet to lay blocks .... shorter one - tough.

ready 4 row

Began putting eight series, this series has been decisive, above, I could not pull the blocks might not be able to pull up a heavy pack (17 kg each), began to be visible window openings, it is even more pleased by the earth grows up a house!

8 row

see window aperture

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