Build 1 floor...


When the first batch of blocks (15 cubes), my energy exhausted, began to buy the next batch of units.

Then began to look for assistants, he found two young men, with their help, construction was resumed with renewed vigor, I'm ready solution, boys under my supervision and dragged laid out blocks.

wall ap!

Aides have put walls up jumpers and slightly above, leaving the possibility of masonry walls at the lowest cost (power). My task was to install the jumpers, since the money for these works have not already been scheduled. For fun (because you work hard, 10 bridges), went to a nearby construction site and asked the builders, the cost of filling all the jumpers, they have asked a great price. Decided to do himself. Prepared formwork so that both raise and fix could be one.

begin work about window bridge

Decking - two boards across the three bars, bottom, fit the bottom of the first, and then puts the formwork and the bar quickly wire, the bottom backup on the safe in case.

first bridge in bathroom

The next bridge is a little more, 1500 mm, but on the previous plan.

Window bridges in living room

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