Build 1 floor...

Began by marking a horizontal grillage.

Preparation of the grillage

Grillage was not steady, measured level, preparing for the laying of the leveling of concrete mixture. It was not easy, or rather quite simple. Since the slope was a difference of up to 5 cm, and, accordingly, simply apply a trowel and mortar to level the top was impossible, we had around the perimeter and interior walls to re-strengthen the shuttering of a board 150 * 50 on the horizontal. After leveling the concrete, the top of the grillage was smooth and beautiful.

выровнял ростверк

As applied waterproofing - roofing felt and bitumen. Preparing for the installation of waterproofing, roofing and mastic bought - bitumen primer.

before waterproofing...

Began laying tar paper, cut into strips of 50 cm wide, and immediately ran into a problem if you make a more convenient (to turn into a tube - as in the background of the lower picture) and roll on the surface is plastered with bitumen through the meter or two, he must leave to one side and to correct him from going in the direction of wrinkle-free (glued) - impossible! (Unless of course work for two or even three, then we can put a roll of pre-roll it on the ground), but I had to wriggle out of one, such a solution was found - roll roofing material and folded to one side (photo below), then treated with bitumen in bold upper grillage and immediately adjacent to his side strips of roofing material. After processing by the band curved, iron, and was doing well on the other side of the strip. Stacking was done in two layers with overlapping seams on the fringes at least 5 cm.

make waterproofing

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