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Back in prehistory, the house became a prototype of an alpine style chalet than that I liked this type of house.

How do you this beautiful house?? (photo below), but to build a house I do not ever have enough money, so that was to invent something, but always with a shallow roof and a big fan, always with the consoles ...

style chalets

A very similar house, but I have no balcony

The study of images and conceptual designs these homes, ran into some difficulties to implement, for example, removal of the roof in the photo above was about 3 meters, which gave a charm to such offsets, I could not afford because of inability to rely on the strength of the data structure. The second problem, the side wall of the attic floor was short and the roof converge to almost half that for small volumes of the house (like me) reduced the available space. And if you raise it above the removal of charm is lost, it needs to do longer, which turned the house into a bird. Torment, finally found a middle ground, having played with the roof slope.

Drawn on the wall.

Wall Attic

Analysis of beams held on 2 types of spans of 3 meters and 5 meters to 300 kg / m 2, at 5 meters certainly satisfy those beams that provide greater building height, or a part of the installation that did not satisfy me. I arranged a beam of a board 200 * 50, as they were distributed, not heavy and easy styling. Beam of this type could sustain my burden is easily up to 3 meters, so even with a reserve of 5 meters - in any way. After thinking, I decided that span of 5 meters will divide along the retaining bar with a foothold in the walls and stairs (figure below, the reference beam is not specified), then the beam to satisfy the load. Therefore, the original version was as follows: beam 50 * 2000 through 400mm. The second problem was the passage of 3000 smoothly, from wall to wall board, dimensional, about 6120-6200 mm, you can imagine dividing in half, will not lean on that came out of the situation (described further on this), making the saw cut in half the beam angle, extending the beam to 50 mm, which allowed to base it on the wall.

draft floor beams

As beams are based on the foam block is not very good quality, it is necessary to make the reinforcement belt on the wall, which would have rested beam, but because of the requirement to him were not very responsible, he decided to run a steel mesh.

The beams rest on the wall in reinforced belt, respectively, in the field support necessary to choose a block of 150 mm in length and 60 mm wide and 200 m in height, it was settled arrangement sawn blocks, which put up a row walls of the attic so as not to cut a hole in the wall.

Belt has been reinforced following the closing times, retaining walls from the attic Straining loads of future roof (future rafters rest on the side walls), it must be done from the armature and the load he must not only Straining side, but vertical, so the calculation was a three rod valve in the bulk frame.

Straining to loads of short side walls of the attic discuss in more detail in the figure below shows: the power of "1"(snow, wind, weight of the roof) presses on the rafter, rafters trying to force "2" to push the wall to take a horizontal position (the lever is formed between two rafters), but the delay does not allow rafters to do so, as a result of rafter bend a certain amount, depending on its elastic on a segment of fixing torque to support the rafters at rafter plate, thus, lower costs and higher delay rafter or more often it established, the force is smaller. Counter it is possible, if further strengthen the wall, it needs to tie its monolithic belt, closing the opposing forces of two rafters on themselves, for it is monolithic and are at the top of the side walls of the attic.

Straining load wall

Armored belts and anchor for consoles

Since we have a style houses - chalets, it is necessary to provide mount for consoles supporting the roof, ie, pre-seal the anchor into the wall, so that no further drilling and does not come up with methods of fixing the consoles.

Total of the house has become so:

front view

back view

Floor Plans:

1 floor


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