Build an attic ...


Consoles have been scheduled for 9 units on the side (further reduced to 5), respectively, is necessary to lay down bolts for the anchor rod was bought by 14 mm, cut into pieces of 30 cm of the anchor incisions are made, for better bonding with concrete. In the concrete and cut small grooves, through the distance as planned.


Anchor determine the location of future consoles. Error at this stage was the fact that I was too lazy to cut thread. Hoped that we shall cut the thread later, right at the place and as much as you like.

Anchor for consoles.

filled with a solution...

Anchor in a solution

For installation of walls 5 rows were hired workers, then I was smarter, discuss the cost of laying the cube in advance, cunning workers, bearing in mind that I was at casting belt used concrete mixer, brazenly asked her and a generator, Ninny of chutzpah, replied that the generator and mixer for personal use to anyone I do not give. Instructed, cheated, and the volume was away on business, arriving saw noticeably grown up 2 floor.

wall ap!

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