Build an attic, beams...


Next is laying workers were doing under my control, showed them the wrong sutures (the street could be seen), fixed, everything else is like it was good.

During the breaks work control are preparing ceiling beams (board 50 * 200, bought a little earlier), packed as it should be in a stack, sawed on the desired pattern.

The walls are rising, prepare the beam

Beams handled tool from rotting, and then continue processing all the support beams that are inserted into the wall, bituminous primer (except for the end of the beam, as recommended in the books on construction).

The ends of the beams, bitumen primer

means of putrefaction

The sample exhibited the first beam into the slot on the passage of 3 meters, as it should be wound roofing material, forward it will be sealed with mortar, end of socket insulated to not freeze and did not dampen beam.

The first beam in the the socket

For docking with the second beam, spanning the span of 5 meters, using pre-bought clamps, facilitated the work. Cementing the clamp, drilled holes and fastened with bolts chrome bodywork washers.

Holds the first beam

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