Build an attic, beams...


All carefully handle means from rotting, is thorough, with a brush in 3 layers.

beams on middle wall

Having laid the board on the wall side, make the solution and sealed every beam, and now they stand firm and do not stir.

View from the attic to the overlap

After the installation of beams, it is the turn of monolithic armored belt, designed to compensate for the loads from the roof rafters, which are based on the wall of the attic, creating Straining load, trying to overturn the wall to the side (as shown below, the power of "2", derived from the forces of "1").

The load on the wall

Began working with cutting through the recesses around the perimeter wall to a depth of 4-5 cm

Cut through the perimeter wall

After cutting and took an ax and a hammer knocked the insides the block wall with deepening until 10 cm

Clipping block

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