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The main load is applied on the side of a short wall on the gable wall will only tensile forces, and on the side wall - the efforts to bend, so the extra lift height armored belt on the side of the wall mounting back surround frame. To do this, cut the blocks, stacked "formwork".

Formwork of pieces of the block on the side wall

Since the lower-reinforced belt, we patched the anchor for fixing the console, it will also continue, and the upper belt to do the same, ie console for 2 anchors will hang. Cutting through the holes, put the rod also notched a better grasp of pre-oriented to plumb them into the lower anchor.

Rods for the top row of consoles

Designated consoles designated anchor installed.

Anchor for consoles protrude from the wall

In the armored zone is embedded reinforcement, AIII, 10 mm, 3 rod, one down, two at the top, tied with wire to the anchors of consoles that when casting rods are not shifted to one side.

Armature armored belt laid in place

On the gable wall reinforcement does not need much, and big frame is also not necessary, as it accounts for only a tensile load, so packed two rod AIII 10 mm.

Armature in front wall

After the installation of reinforcement armored belt on the front of the wall, immediately filled it with concrete, since it will be packed wall pediment. Want to see next?, click the link "forward"! ...

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