Build an attic, beams...


To mark the angle of the pediment has used the board, 25 mm in thickness, Gaugeable exact middle of the wall, Gaugeable length of the board, strengthened it with nails to the wall, pre-aligned on the level. At the end of the slats nailed for which the two tied strong twine, the ends at the corner and tied the nails driven into the edge of the wall, these strings will guide the further masonry wall pediment.

Mark up the gable uly

Conduct operations with the second gable, also We stretch the string, now seen from a distance until when will the gable wall of.

Spaced gables

After marking the location of the guides on the gable windows of the attic, and hired workers (another of my mistake, they were bad).

Begin guides

The employee what and how, looking at the work of several series, I went to work.

see begin window

Try on the formwork on the ligament

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