Build an attic...


installation of window bridges

After pouring the window bridges, I went to rest, leaving the workers to work, but they worked badly. The fact that the slope on the window bridges was slightly less than the string (a reference was away, you can see in the picture above, and workers are slightly deviated from the reference point, ie instead of 31 degrees, it was 29 degrees, it became evident when the clutch began to conduct on window bridge. Workers in my absence, of course performed as expected, following strings, they just leveled the solution of the overlying masonry. Having glanced at it, I was terrified because I overlooked a sloping window jumpers. with the workers of this kind I left without Oops ...

curve wall

terrible wall

Removed the of shuttering of window bridges began to think what to do with this wall, so even at altitude.

Removed the formwork

Thought there was only one - fix it and do everything well. For working at height had to prepare thoroughly, were made by small scaffolding. Armed with a saw of diamond wheel, an ax, mark the corners and the new top of the pediment, and cut down the angle foam block under the bridge.

Preparing the work place and cuts down the "extra foam block" Now, "Beauty"!

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