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While pondering the next steps, often thought about how securely the rafters, as opposed to the wind a long overhang, not whether the wind will carry my roof ... In this regard, it was decided to anchor on EVERY rafters, rafters, and each attached to a reinforced waistband. To do this, make a layout the location of the rafters (every 600 mm) and put the anchor in the reinforced belt.

Anchors for rafters

see anchors for rafters

Once figured out the anchors, he continued to correct my mistakes and shortcomings, it was decided to front, not only do the above, but also strengthened. To gain was chosen as reinforcement mesh 4 mm in steps of 100 mm. For the pediment were made blocks of size 100 * 200 * 400. Having laid a grid, started laying.

Started laying and strengthening

steel net


front is almost ready

Finished fronton, it's time to fill reinforced belt on the side walls by inserting additionally anchors rafter plate to it during assembly and subsequent processing is not hung, and was strongly drawn to the wall. Everything was covered with concrete M200, own making.

filled armored belt


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