Build porch...


And, at the door and window lintels decided to make a nice thought, but if I like the old times, our ancestors did, did without the jumper, making only castle jumper, put the windows and doors? No sooner said than done, for the window - castle jumper for the door - Luchkova. For the window carefully drank two bricks and one castle. For the door had to work a little more chainsaw, napilil triangles of the same size, first on the dry components were laid out.

For future consoles porch and closed up in advance in masonry anchors (bottom).

Window in the porch, the beginning of the bridge door

Reinforcing pattern bridge, reported brickwork above the door

ready bridge

And once again the anchor for the console, the top.

Continuing rows

Before the formation of the pediment, made marks on the wall (projection), the future of the adjacency to the roof of a house wall.

Start the gable porch

An important element - set gable porch for that punched a hole half a block wall, reinforced mounting socket ridge in the wall of reinforced grid, processed from rotting. At the top of the cutoff wall acted the same way as in a house made of solid reinforcement belt, the ends of which are deeply embedded in the wall at home, thus closing the rigid system, the two ends of the whips, cross at the top of the middle of the pediment, hugged and squeezed a fad to wind load is not raised it by accident.


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