Build porch...

Although originally a style chalet does not include the porch, the entrance to the house carried out immediately to the premises, the need for the porch was, as we are in Russia, we have cold. Made the foundation for the porch - made 2 post and made a tie-in concrete grillage, to enter the mixer, to a working valve grillage.

armature is inserted into the hole

Seal the roofing material, filled concrete

filled concrete

Further, improvised, made formwork. To the ground. Next to grillage porch lift off the ground, poured into the sand to the desired level from the ground, 10-15 cm Well, as well as previously on the foundation laid roofing material.

Formwork and laying of roofing material



Well, all filled with concrete

Poured concrete, hid the film from drying

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