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Total born was born the organization of work, and therefore from him and recalculated estimates

The plan gradually painted the processes that will occur, indicating the processes used, materials, reference to the drawings. On this page you will dwell on the construction of the truss, as in her many questions arise at the esteemed readers of the site.

The narration and the story of construction will begin with a virtual tour of the installation of the roof.

1. Mounting skating run (skate) of timber 100 * 150 in two parts, fastened together. Serves as the element for the most part for mounting outrigger rafters outside the home (front), they will have to support. And also in case of problems under him mozhnoustanovit backup and reduce the load on the walls of the house.

Skating run

2. Installation of rafters plate, rafters plate mounted on a side wall attic, takes over the load from the rafters and sends it to the wall. Made of timber 150 * 150 2 pieces, take-away outside the home is similar to skating bar, 1 meter. Mounted on the wall anchors.

Install rafters plate

3. Cutting down on the seat rafters plate ("tooth") under the rafter feet, this seat is necessary to ensure the support rafters. Manufacturing Pattern.

Felling of "tooth" in the rafters plate

4. Installation of rafters to mount it in two places at the corners of the ridge and into the tooth at the rafters plate.

attachment to the ridge

At the bottom of the rafters to it on the bolts installed filly, is a continuation of rafters on Tap outside the walls of the house (board size is limited to 6 meters). Installation torque, its height is set at the place directly on the height of the clean floor attic floor (not less than 2,7 m).

Construction rafters

The emphasis in the rafters plate

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