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In a 3D image of Sketchap node pair skate should look like, but at the place of the upper delay have not been referring to irrelevance.

tightening rafters

Also represents a node install rafters, while relying on rafters plate .

Node "tooth" and setting anchors rafters plate and rafters

5. Installation of fillies, continuing rafters and ensuring removal of the roof beyond the walls of the house.

Filly on the console

Following graphic design different mounting options mare to the rafters, in a joint anchor (anchor between the junction of the grasshopper and the rafters) with pads on both sides, or the continuation of the rafters and vnakladku fastened to her filly, the last in my opinion more reliable and less cost for long bolts for tie construction.

Mounting options fillies

Tap mare outside wall of the house about 1,4 meters, so much has been said and done for consoles, the purpose of them - support the speakers fillies on the load of snow and wind. Initially, at the stage of the project home consoles on the side planned to make 9 pieces, then decided to reduce them to 5 pieces. The console should go rafters plate one that be based literally all fillies hanging over the wall.

Console and remote rafters plate

Drawing console

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