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In the courtyard in 2008, the year when I seemed to have "learned something that certainly should have known before starting construction," these are the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, from the remarkable book "Beyond Good and Evil." Mindful words of one man less famous than our friend Friedrich, but nevertheless precisely noticed about these builders as I "... usually make a strong foundation on which to build high-rises, and then on this foundation, erected a house with walls" as a neighbor "and the house is crowned by a shaky roof that that and look, no matter how the wind swept it ....".

Well then, let's take a closer look at the type of roof that must be assembled, so that's a roof truss gable, with hanging rafters, "they are called so because reliance rafters carried out only on the side walls of the attic floor. As already mentioned in the stage of the project dormer walls, these types of roofs describe themselves Straining loads on the side walls of the attic, as the rafters abut one another in the ridge and the lower ends rest on the wall, because this leaves a lever that can easily topple over backwards walls of the house In order to prevent this from happening, set delay.

If the delay is at the lowest point stopilnoy feet, Straining force "ж" (pictured above) is zero. But this type of truss is not suited to us as it does not fit with the walls of the attic floor and is suitable for full-sized floor.

Our version involves the installation of tightening up the rafters, which provides free space on the attic floor, but for this you must pay arising strutting efforts, and the higher is tightening, so these forces are greater.

In our case, the normal operation of the roof provides a structure in which ... of roof system is designed to compensate the forces 'E' impact on the roof of snow, the weight of the roof, wind, delay, and the elasticity of the rafters, not stack the emergence of forces "Ж" to limit state resistance of the side walls. In the case of a small construction height of the rafters, tightening set too high, the flimsy side walls, it is possible (and often), the situation when the side walls of the overturned this Straining effort.

In this case there is an illiterate assembly and the calculation of roof system, save the house can only install struts in the ridge beam, perceiving themselves force "E". When obdumavaniii this, the author came from a worse situation, he mounted the ridge beam, so that in case of problems, it could rest the backup.

Common vision for the roof I already had in my head, but that's not enough, it was necessary to clear all the calculate to the last detail in order not to run and not look further then that he had forgotten in the planning stage. Needed drawings of knots and precise dimensions. All of this began to draw the AutoCAD. Like all good, until I discovered one important point to consider is virtually a much more complicated than in a place, he found a remarkable way out of this situation is practically a much simplified my work in the future because nothing was missed. And here's the deal, wondering how something like ".... then nailed a board, clamped by a clamp, drill .....", and closed his eyes, tried to imagine how I did it, and realized with horror that I can not stand it on anything, but I did not fly, then forests are needed, then the key is needed, then something else then. Ie method of presenting the work of rehearsal was a real (for me at least), the estimates immediately add the items (but as I later recalled a case where everything went very well and smoothly!).

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