Build the Roof...


Put up the fascia strip, just kind of had a much nicer.

Put up the fascia strip

Meanwhile, the dismantled first console, and using it as a template, workers have prepared and posted on the north wall of all console.

Put up a console on the north wall

Thinking, about the rafters plate remote from timber 150, decided to replace him on board and attach it to each mare, and to the console. It turned out quite nice and well, the horizontal beams console sawdust at an angle of the roof, taking into account the input boards between her and the mare.

Adapting consoles

After a small fit console, installed in place of rafters plate installed the board, and started sheathing board head-lining.

Start the eaves of the roof sheathing

Board-rafters plate planed plane, that is not visually different in quality processing of cladding material. Continued overhang of the roof sheathing.

ПContinued overhang of the roof sheathing

On the gable wall of partition and began work on the installation of gable brackets, they will be slightly different because of the console, we already have - it's sticking out of the wall rafters plate.

Console from the gable

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