Build the Roof...


Gathering at the farm-horse again, and lifted into place, have made the necessary projections beyond the gable, about 1 meter. Then placing roofing paper on the seats as a waterproofing and missed their bitumen primer, lined it horizontally, making stops from the bottom board 150 * 25, then again tightened screws.

Setting Run

Meanwhile, cook the leveling screed under the rafters plate. In general, the paper is organized as follows: that it requires no qualification - do workers, that complicated - we do together, and what is responsible - I do myself.

Screed under rafters plate

After drying, the concrete ties, I have crafted wall bitumen primer at the same time he also rubbed a little anchor, so as not to rust in the future.

Processing of the primer the wall under rafters plate

After the primer is immediately stuck a layer of roofing felt, carefully cut out holes for speakers of anchors, from the street made an incision to anchor the rafters.

Waterproofing roofing material under the walls rafters plate


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