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Preparing the rafters plate of beam 150 * 150, handle it from decay, set in place, pre-drill planting holes for anchors. Attracted to the wall nuts with bodywork washers in an extended drill hole to avoid sticking out. Rafters plate installed pre-aligning it with the distance equal to the ridge, and a preliminary distance from the rafters plate on the other hand.

Rafters plate was put in place

Overhang rafters plate outside of the gable is skating runs, is 1 meter, though it visually different, as a thicker, but load it from the outrigger trusses will be disproportionately.

See rafters plate

Long piece on first to install the rafters, all done on a drawing after it snaps into place and the size coincided with the top sawn rafters, where they converge on the ridge, was taken measurements and made a template that was applied to the rest of the rafters, to partition and immediately crop produced on the ground to the desired profile.

First rafters in place

Of course, under the first rafters carved into rafters plate "tooth", he knocked himself personally, checking how the tool and how to work, after which specified the size of the template "tooth", drawn on the stage of the project, and later took over the rule making very repetitive work, and then to learn the subtleties, instructing workers. "Tooth" in the rafters plate partially cut chainsaw, partially chisel for accuracy.

"Tooth" in the rafters plate

Before you install and secure the rafters, made a loop of twine future rafters and examples relevant to the gable.


Attitude and inclination of the gable rafters

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