Build the Roof...


In order to check whether I was not mistaken when calculating the size of the protrusion fillies, set up scaffolding and installed it in place, not consolidating, just catching clamp.

Installation of the first fillies

After tightening the set at the extreme rafters, made a stretch of twine in the plane of the future of the attic ceiling, and engaged in subsequent puffs fixture.


After installation delays, established forest and started assembly of fillies on the north side of the house. First established extreme mare, pulled the string, and it raised a number of other fillies. All at once bolted M10 and washers.

Put the timber, mounting mares

Mounted the fillies.


It was the turn of the outrigger rafters, pre-sealed on the ground two rafters, went upstairs, gathered and carefully sliding it toward the bar on skating to the site, they estimated the size of excavations at the rafters plate, taking into account of course omitted, and the plane to the rest of the rafters.

Remote rafters

The room the attic has already begun to emerge.

The room the attic

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