Build the Roof...


Remote rafters mounted. In the meantime, mark out and cut into pieces the size of beam 100 * 150 for consoles..

Remote rafters are, prepare blanks for consoles

Finally started assembling crates. Started from the bottom, with the fillies. As can be seen in the picture, the mare has a ledge at the top of rafters, and higher than 5 cm, is the compensation that the bar will continue to be nailed to the rafters on top to form an air gap. Throughout the length fillies, prior to the rafters, crate nailed to it, by size, a certain step wave of metal, 300 mm. Partitioning step done by a specially prepared Merck-rail, which marked the place of installation crates, rack and chalk was applied did markup boards lathing is done in order not to measure every time a space from the previous boards lathing and do not accumulate errors in the measurements, except for slope of 7 meters and can be mistaken.

Installation of lathing to mare

Completed yet crate before the rafter feet, roll waterproofing. Pre-made bars 50 * 50, was treated with biosecurity. Unrolled waterproofing cloth, nailed to a stapler is not blown away by the wind, then nailed the bar. The length of the bar was calculated so that the top leaving a piece of waterproof canvas for the next lap. After mounting the bar, immediately applied the rail, mark the place of sheathing boards.

Crate and Waterproofing

Nailing the plank is gradually raised to the ridge home.

up !

roof purlins!

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