Build the Roof...


Meanwhile, the prepared strips consoles have taken their place, "unnecessary" anchor consoles cut.

Drywall to consoles

As long as workers are fixed crate, engaged in important work, trying to make a console, according to all rules and drawings. In a slight departure from the drawing console was made. It also merged into the motives of wooden traditional processing and assembly of wood: connection to a horizontal beam with vertical holds dovetail, half-timber, given the fact thatby the the road this compound could not be seen (right and left the console on the north and south of the house). Resistant beam is also made with a mix of "tooth", and an additional course in the drilled deeper drill mounted on screws 120 mm.

Console assembled

Fixture half timber

After it was made, could not wait to look at her post, not distracting employees from crates and dragged her to the scaffold, drilled a hole under the anchor, and hung in place. Looked, I realized that the rafters plate on the console (support overhang) on the project will not pass (be stout). Think.

Console at the place

Looked like the console will look from afar, it is not clear. Think.

console from afar

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