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Well, of course, made mistakes, bearing in mind that lined the ledge of the two sheets at almost the end of the cornice came from "over the roof overhang" of about 7 cm And the matter was now in what, when sheets overlaying each other in a "lock" , there is a shift of each vertical row of sheets for a few mm, total, by the end of ramp (11 feet), they are dangling at about 7 cm from the target overhang. To this was not, it is recommended to align along the eaves! and two sheets, and 3-4, so they build up (a ladder), we immediately asked the step and the accuracy of exit at the end of the ramp. Outside of myself, I went home, saying the employees not to touch anything and decide tomorrow what to do with the roof on, the forces alter neither morally nor physically no longer there. However, workers were well done, they took all the sheets again, and correct bias, resulting in the end came with a ramp error of 1-2 cm.

at this stage, an error is detected

During 4 days of completing the second slope.

2 скат доделываем

It's time to do assembly of the roof over the porch, removing an old crate, assembled waterproofing.

made porch roof

Similarly, the main roof, make a crate under the step of metal.

crate porsh

Cut the sheets of metal, laid, established the.

Sheets of metal roofing on the porch

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