Build the Roof...

By the important process of building roof was long already with some experience behind them, knowledge, and of course the work plan. In memory of the old errors have bought the most important elements in advance - Boards 50 * 200. This phase of work involves working with aides, namely, "helpers" as the build up and do what I needed at this stage and I knew myself, but to hire a part-time worker for dirty work was needed. To select the employees had to go in the winter in a remote village to stay with relatives, and find 2 people who know how to handle an ax.

Of course assistants have somewhere to live and eat and live where it was, but with the kitchen - more difficult, we had a little work prior to their arrival and make an addition to the barn, and bought a bottle of propane, and gas stove.

The kitchen was attached and the boards were purchased

Were soon purchased the remaining building materials, and imported workers. Work began with a working wood protection from decay. Training started with skating run 100 * 150, gash semicircular end planing protruding beyond the gable ends.

Prepare ridge run

For the installation of the ridge and rafters built according to plan, scaffolding, or more precisely the farm, which is convenient and safe conduct of work. The ends of the planks forming the farm, put in windows, to form a working platform in front gable.

Farm for work at height

Exhibited board farm formed lip for future sites to which access will be to the roof of hemming and center console.

Skate and protrusions from the farm

Mounting skating run began with training on the ground - marking and drilling recesses for mounting screws for wood in the "pot" screws - 120 mm. On the ground, connecting both sides of the skating run, pre-connected to the screws. Further, disassembled and lifted up.

skating run

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