Project the foundation...

For sketches of the project the foundation has applied for a drawing program - AutoCad, began with 14 series, a good program, unpretentious, is all that is needed. It is convenient to have the layers and the reinforcement and beams and columns, hide as needed ....

Began to sketch with layout area (virtually), departing from the fence. All painted in a relative scale. From this once counted the length and amount of reinforcement and concrete. Long moved the pillars under the tape grillage, finding the optimal distance between them, taking into account the calculated load. Guided by the recommendations of the developers of this type of foundation required the laying of the pillars under the crosshairs of the walls.

Rendering the form on top of the foundation and columns the incision.

project the foundation вид сверху
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Clarify a few more moments, a lot of questions from a novice developers, namely, how many fixtures to put in a foundation, and what brand of concrete to choose, it is 2 basic questions about the brand of the foundation says clearly that "if there is no indication in the draft (if we do not project ), then the mark is taken B15 (M200). Pro fixture flow a little more complicated, for example - strip foundation, (the calculation - meter - 100 m3 of concrete), it fixtures, tons - 6.6, respectively, on a cube of concrete, 66 kg. Further, using the tables of weights and diameters of reinforcement, the desired weight is comparable to the number of bars in the table have the most standard sizes reinforcement bars.

diameter of the rod, mm

mass of 1 m length of armature, kg























Comparison of weights to the bar to keep in view how the size will be our foundation in width as one and the same weight can put a rod of 32 mm or about 16 rods of 8 mm, which does not agree well, so the basic rule would be a gap between the bars for free wicking of concrete and size of its aggregates, for a simple developer on gravel 5-20 mm, the gap between the rods not less than 25 mm ", respectively, by selecting the number of rods, one can easily calculate what sizes they will and if necessary, adjust the quantity.

By overlapping the rods during docking, also want to say something, they write in different places in different ways, so it depends on the diameter and many more things, but on the simple - at least 25 diameters. Protective layer of concrete (from the edge of the foundation to the rod), not less than 25 mm.

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