Fill monolithic slabs ...

Fill a monolithic floor began with the preparation of formwork, bought specially for this sheets of plywood cut to size 300 mm in width, and produced from them shields long flight - 5000. The bottom of the beam - the board 25 * 150. Then, mark on the grillage place tie beams, and using grinders and chisels in concrete, smashed windows at a depth of 50 mm, at the entrance of reinforcement in concrete - up to 70 mm. Then mounted the first formwork for casting a beam.

Installation of the first beam formwork

The insides are lined with polyethylene casing, but still missed a bitumen primer, but it turned out all this unnecessary, further poured straight case. Inside beams laid rebar AIII 14 mm, 2 pieces, with overlap of 500-700 mm. For backup use any trim boards, left over from the phase of roof.

Laid armature

Formwork beams ready

Set up mixer on beam and filled with concrete grade M200.

Set up mixer and pouring concrete

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