Bath, improvisation, building ...


Was put on the harness roofing felt, on both sides under the roofing material planted moss, as the beam is not adjacent to the piping (fitting only the first 2 pieces, and they do not cut the bottom part). And they put the first crowns.

First crowns log

Bath put on the moss, the old antiquated way of construction, newfangled materials such as jute was attractive, I prefer the everlasting moss.

Put moss

My employees - experts in their field, have put curbs more than once, no need to control all know and can themselves, log is growing rapidly. At the same time I am doing further strapping, as will further all the frame. Rail is also made of treated lumber from rotting.

Built harness dressing room, hid waterproofing.

see future dressing room

Felling stands, erected scaffolding. I have been strapping pavilion, it went to bar 100 * 150, it also handles from rotting.

see future pavilion

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