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Felling done, it's time to make the carcass dressing room, in our case, since all - improvisation, there were glitches. Originally wanted to cut down standing by itself, and frame by itself, without interfering with the sink frame, but when installed the carcass in the corner trim base, realized that the frame will have rises above log house, and then lean angle frame than that, log obstacle, making remote post and build on it - get ugly. Thinking decided to prop up the framework on the frame, and compensate for shrinkage of the carcass in the future or the installation of compensating shrinkage, or (easier) the old antiquated technique, wedges.

So they decided, began assembling strapping frame, uprights and top rail are made of timber 100 * 150, started from the corner of the log cabins, with a minimum height at which the carcass is still.

Start strapping frame

Frame, by the way, ease the mounting frame, as it was a "starting point " for the withdrawal of whip rod in hand, stops the time not needed, he provided a vertical log cabin.

As I have indicated above, with log cabins brought me the logs, and much, arguing along the way over the bar (open), pavilion, thinking how nice to beat them, just as wooden logs stand - look blankly (it was immediately evident on non-sewn carcass dressing room . And then I saw a pile of logs that were lying in a corner, and the idea of visiting my head, and that if stand gazebo made from roundwood! planing and more! Encouraged, said employees planing and prepare logs.

Frame increases, the logs are ready for planing and racks

Came a frame until the end of a waiting room, installed all the racks, tie up the square log beams. Prepare a place for the pillars of the logs at the base trim arbours.

Frame of dressing room

Extending the bars of the dressing room before the end of the pavilions, established the first stand of timber, the top beam immediately threw the top trim. (dates on the images a bit confused, they do not pay attention)

Start tying pavilions

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