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Install the remaining rack pavilions, started truss system. Long speculated about the type of roof, all agreed to his wife, saying that she was more to taste hipped (hip), Well Well, "said - think of how to do. " And to make it was not so easy, all the books that I saw, not very detailed painted the method of mounting the truss gambrel roof designs. Common type of roof does not suit me, because they provide emphasis rafters plate and overhang, just as I did on the main roof of the house, so overhang would be closed and so the structure is low, and make it less than 500 mm, just ugly. The remedy was found by itself, having begun assembling the first rafter "triangles", providing us the necessary overhang and removal, the method of mounting solutions "hip" has come by itself.

First rafters

That's the way out. To derive a slope hex did so: from the center of torque (bolt on top, drag the bottom with the decision of truss construction), the rays of lit a short puff on the corners with going beyond the framework of 500 mm from the ends of the rafters puffs again raised up to the rafters first outright rafter triangle. Thus, the problem has been solved, simply and affordably. Of course, all the way into the puff made with antiquated methods - "tooth" in the future (in the picture were not included in the footage) for each rafters installed vertical lugs on the top trim, a puff - in the rafter feet, they do not allow removal of tightening outside the upper trim frame sag under the weight of the roof and fear "tooth" of high pressure rafters.

installation of hip


For laying the floor in the changing room installed additional beams laid on the existing poles, they are also treated against rot and hid the roofing material.

Floor joists in the changing room

Well done and the arbor, thus "burying" a monument to my stupidity and lack of foresight "in the form of a monolithic plate under the grill to barbecue. With a board, the board was divided evenly on the difficult part of dressing-room and alcoves, where the floor boards should be dismantled separately from the dressing room.

Beams in the pavilion, top floor

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