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The weather is great, so ask the employee to first floor was installed, then We now have a roof. Here's area we have obtained.

Floors, the beginning of work

After laying the floor, started assembling the roof trusses, ....

Working with the rafters

In places where the rafters converge at an angle, my staff just could not (could not) fit and trim the leg so as it should. Total - all (!) did only himself.

Working with hip

I tell you, it's really difficult to delineate the desired cut us, I let the board to the diagonal (from corner rising) rafters, (picture below) and looked at her with 4 points from top to bottom, from right to left, pencil otcherchival and connects all 4 lines, then to saw off a chain saw. The result is not always so complicated at first urged a cut and then made "tooth" and mount the emphasis in tightening.

Installation of short hip rafter

In the photo below shows how to radiate from the center of torque to the corners of the frame, forward them back to back converge tightening the shorter rafters, for the stiffness from the center of "rays" to the top of the rafters have mounted a stubborn stand.

Beams and support column

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