Bath, improvisation, building ...


Came the roof, crate stuffed with a step for future metal roofing (in unison at home), have engaged in close roof. In the photo below, after a careful rasmotrenii visible all the way into corners of the roof of the triangles, to enhance.

made crate

But as the Treasury is still on the roof is missing, then there is no choice, steel roofing material cover.

Ruberoid roofing

Once the roof is ready, and bath sheltered from rain, begin to trim the walls, this board is used 25 * 150. Sheathes her entire waiting room.

Start lining dressing room

Continue to trim a waiting room, to determine the location of windows.

Sheathes a waiting room on

In architecture, prefer symmetrical style, so the door to enter the dressing room - in the middle. Theme decorations gazebo continued, since the rigidity of the frame needed boom, then in the arbor, their role will perform a log, but a smaller diameter. Above the entrance tsentarlnym he was particularly hanging over falling man.

Subject finish pergola extended

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