Bath, improvisation, building ...


Fencing pavilion - railing with balusters of a log established, has also made boom in all stances arbors, they actually stiffen the structure, not only appeared charm of wooden buildings.

Fences, railings and balusters

On the garden side (left of the pavilion), leaving an opening is not sealed rail. this is access to the future of the brazier, barbecue, which will be adjacent to the structure, so it was convenient to come up and fry the meat on it. Also under him will be cast in a monolithic slab and built himself a barbecue grill. Meanwhile, with regret about the separation, workers sent home, and now employs me alone accounts for.

Exit to the brazier, barbecue

Color of the wood certainly pleasant, but the wooden parts need protection from sun and pests, to protect and give a beautiful view, bought the paint, Marshall, Protex, Through Coloured Rustic Candles on one layer, to verify the species, was not so bad, for a total stop on it for the whole volume of paint bath. Also began to engage in the doorway. Trains on the shops selling the usual wooden doors, found their prices too high for easy dressing-room door, the door was eventually picked up in a landfill. Plain door, and I more and is not necessary. Erecting shoals, began its assembly.

Painting and installation of doors

assembly doors .

Дверь делаем

Painted doors and trim

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