Bath, improvisation, building ...


Bought the paint a little more, took up painting the entire volume baths, pillars as they were planing and soaking up the paint worse, painted into 3 layers, and unplanned board sheathing on the changing room absorbed deeper and more colors are dark.

paint bath

What a pavilion can do without the bench, and there should be plenty, since a lot of waiting guests. Getting Started with mounting shops, in unison, the rest of the design of pavilion, struts under the benches - the same log. The top two boards of 50 mm are themselves shop. Shop must bend around the entire right side of pavilion.

Getting Started on the benches

Doing and back, also board 50 mm. For the mind set table to orient in the resulting.

The back of his shop

Removed for sanding, and then assembled back.


With the door handle began another epic, epic "The design of the forest, cut down on the dry wood of a branch, is the best caught on as a door handle, since the design of pavilion and bathhouses began to literally" interwoven "with the branches of trees.

Branch-door handle

With such a state of baths, we went into the winter.

Work this year, all completed instruments removed, all that can be closed - closed for the next year will be something - namely, the crisis that has not given to enter the house, but brought his efforts and work that were carried out with their hands - finishing dressing room. Want to see next?, click the link "forward"! ...

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