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Inside woodsheds must be order, or rather there should be a concrete floor to store firewood on the rise from the ground and there was no dampness on the ground. Therefore made a simple concrete floor, poured a layer of sand, tamped it well, then scoring on the perimeter of the stakes of pieces of lath, and pulled the steel wire, it will serve as a reinforcement.

Sand as a substrate and wire reinforcement in place

Returning again to the pavilion, experienced hand-cutter, standing up to this all day, prepared under the rail moldings ceiling arbor, having figured cutter on the edge.

In order for the joints in the plates were not visible, rail and threw them, too, continue to paint in the color of the ceiling beams - Nut.

Completely without joints plate certainly will not do, some do not have enough to close the ceiling to the end, had to make a paste. Gaps that gaping holes in the side of the ceiling alcoves, started to close plywood sheets.

Close the openings in the ceiling

Poured over the prepared site in woodsheds concrete floor, a thickness of about 7-8 cm by carefully adjusting the wire, so it was in the concrete. Since wood can not lean against the log house (bugs pests, humidity), the location of the pile will be by a transparent fence. "At this point, the net was cast concrete.


floor and stones

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