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And the toilet and woodsheds require hemming and head-boards, Well, it will provide it to them, head-mounted boards and Hemming.


The problem of drainage system is important in any home, but even more so on the wood, to solve the problem by buying a standard set of drainage system was like a little expensive for a bath, on reflection, he went on the market, where he found the usual gutter to gutter system, makes a small office, the price was very enjoyable. Said to myself, Well Well, not gods bake bricks, learned to work with wood, and learn with the metal, bought some screws for metal, dug up the remains of screws on the roof of the house, using additional pieces of the old galvanized, set to work.

Gutter downspout system

Started with the front of the bath-pavilion, finding the middle, stuck two branches gutters right and left, erecting a small slope, given the fact that its (bias) need to lead to the end spas, but it is neither more nor less - 8 meters.

Started with the front

When purchasing a gutter, just in case asked whether they had corner elements drainage system, they are not doing. We had to reinvent itself, it was not difficult. Main accurately fathom and mark, then cut and fold. All tools - scissors for metal, but pliers. Angles anchors with screws to metal.

Installation of the angular elements

Attached gutters on the sides of bath to the end, periodically monitoring the slope with water, pour into a trough, which allowed accurate and with the least loss of altitude, to reach the corner bath. At the corner, built out of water in the barrel, bent from a piece of galvanized pipe guide. In the future, even though the height and small, think about how to delete to the end straight into the barrel.

drain in a barrel

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