bath-pavilion, next step


Thus did all the full range of bath, making the water yield from both sides (two barrels). Additionally, in the roof to the closet and the attic was light (brooms to get dug into the future, not to turn on the lights during the day) embedded attic window. It immediately became very light and well in the pantry.

He graduated from the gutter system and punched the window

Finally my turn came up and cashing windows, as you remember, for it was the board since last year, if the inside is still possible to endure, then outside, I could not stand it, so at the earliest opportunity once removed. Instead, it planing board 150 * 25, made a broad plat.

Trims window

Ennobled Trims

Of course, the whole thing repeated on other windows, and window, toilet, including.

After installation and fit the right kind to us, it was all neatly painted.

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