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After trying on a board to make a thread of Frazer, in order to decorate a beautiful patterned trim window, confronted with the fact that it is a science, which I still do not overpower, the patterns simply do not get, cutter jumps out and did not want to go where it will indicate any layer of fibers in the board shot down its from the path, thus, fairly exhausted, naplyunul. Wife advised me to try with branches, but smaller, if they carefully choose and fix, then we can build the same pattern. For the sample consolidated found a twig, and looked at how it will look. As long as we think ...

Platband window dressing

Since the color of the carcass was like a bath is not subject to the rest, he decided to paint too. To this end, it had a little scrape on the numbers of series names.


Felling also painted on the 2 times that the color was the same depth with the rest of the bath.


At this stage, with major works in the bath was finished.

All with a bath for the year

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