bath-pavilion, next step


Floor boards had the desire to patch up with plywood on top (there is a gap in the boards), but still decided to paint, to better times.

start paint

I continue to finish the walls.


As the ceiling moldings, so do not buy it, used the same material.

ceiling moldings

After the complete installation decoration, covered it with varnish, the color did not deliberately choose, as a secondary illumination - an important thing in the perception of a person, and we did not want to predbanike was dark, like light and space.


At the bottom of the walls we have not changed yourself and plinth of the board, but the color is the color of Floor. Paint the floor. It can be seen as a board led by drying in the future they will have to planing for smoothness, or put a soft substrate to hide irregularities.

Paint the floors and baseboards

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