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n the meantime, until dry floors, I took up making the pantry (the one that the rear of the bath complex). So look back bath "before".

back before

Start a closet put course with the manufacture of doors, without thinking twice, decided to make it improvised, and more precisely from the fact that earlier it was the wall, ie sheathing boards. Climbing into the pantry through the attic, (climbed out of the arbor there, as you remember, there is no ceiling), filled the restrictive bars, secured them with screws and nails, then a chainsaw (a very useful tool!), drank the door ...


Attaching hinges hung it in place, hard-boiled handles and hinges of the castle, now a store might take some shovels and garden tools.

After drying the floor, the wife of ennobled waiting room is already possible to live.

Почти как дома

As cashing windows from the inside, again, used the board, it closed up just projecting a beam ceiling.

Cashing windows and beams in the ceiling

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