bath-pavilion, next step


As we remember according to a plan for the bath should be a small toilet, for guests and hosts at rest in the pavilion-bath. Therefore, did not particularly bother with digging a big pit, as the smell from the pit will be to us to place in close proximity pavilion and bath. In the meantime, construction, toilet still needed, not only for the hosts.

For the foundation of the toilet blocks were cast-bars, from top to seal the roofing material, followed by piping from a bar.

the foundation and frame rail toilet

Meanwhile, the portion mounted in the ceiling of the pavilion, it has applied for plywood, primed it, not to have absorbed a lot of paint, painted white (still a reflection of - the light that was), painted a deep, to the texture plate was visible.

Ceiling pavilion, starting

Returning to the toilet, continued the theme, set the basic skeleton racks, temporarily reinforced struts.

Rack frame toilet

The roof of the toilet will be a continuation of the bath roof, so to say not very much to be noticeable, so the continued crate with a common roof bath.

Roof battens toilet

covered her ruberoid.


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