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Needless paneling toilet should not differ from the general form of bath, pre-pasted small window.

Wall paneling toilet


Returning back to the pavilion, took up the continuation of the theme "Forest Design". Balusters between logs decided to make a winding branches, picked up in the nearby woods with a fallen birch tree. Uncoated, they look too bad, there was even a thought to paint them in a different, more vivid color, but then maybe the same branches would have to start up in unison to boom gazebo backups. But this fantasy is not endorsed wife-type, is not it too pretentious to be all? Anyway, stopped on the same color with the color of summer houses, walnut color.

Balusters from tree branches ...

... for all the railing, but access to the future of the brazier, barbecue

Well, back to our toilet, as the entrance to the toilet and the closet was fairly high, and pulling up his legs was quite problematic, not only for the wife and mother in law, but also for me. Had to make the site and stage, this is again a small foundation, piping, boards with a gap to prevent water from rain kopilas.

Area in front of the toilet

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