bath-pavilion, next step

By bringing all of their possible and impossible financial flows, continued finishing touch bath-pavilion, the main task this year was to bring the dressing room before the condition the opportunity to stay in it for the weekend, and also, importantly, do embellishment pavilion and bath.

Of any specific project for the construction did not exist, everything was done almost improvised, the only thing that I drew for myself - plan of premises the whole complex, it included an additional - woodsheds, small toilet, a pantry, at the expense of dressing room because he was not fit to such a large volume, or rather not so much unnecessary waiting room, but that amount of warming in winter is not really what they wanted, and moreover, there is a desire to go in the future, heating, or install heaters.

План бани

It looked like inside the dressing-room, log ......

What was inside, log

What was inside, log

What was inside, waiting room

The first thing I bought a hydro-wind insulation.

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