2010, And more - 0...

In order not missed my dear reader!

Year 2010 was marked by only only one judicial showdowns, but in between, sometimes it was something to do: debugging fence:

Cross member of a board of 50 mm is attached to the screws, a steel column is treated against rot.

Crepy crossbar

Distance and inclination are doing their job, have crossbarmatched in this way.

Ready to crossbar

The height of the fence 180 cm, as the saying goes "for a good neighbor does not want the sun to close neighbor, it is necessary to maintain good relations.

Fence is a bit "walking" subtle biases brought to this result.

Only need to paint, but in what color, we and his wife did not come to a consensus ... time will tell. Further, except for intake of cases, I have been drainage works, and acted by a proven scheme, gravel backfill, and sand.


Output drainage from under the soles of the cellar at home

drinage on area

Somebody else's show? There are some more! A little finish pergola in the bath (floors, trim and other ...) forward!