2010, And more -1...

In order not missed my dear reader, go to forward!

Since the bath has not only completed, but still essentially "just begun work" involved in a variety of interesting and decorations that man does. when he has spare time, but there is no free money and of course, electricity :( !

Well, as we have already started in 2009 to do work on windows (trims) in the waiting room, now it went and came here such lowly things!

window in the pavilion of the dressing room

window in the garden of the dressing room

and WC window

Thus, the exterior finish of windows over, inside each box from the dressing room (well, toilets) will be glued film dubbing, has not decided what color, but wanted something closer to the color of the casing, or a mirror, his wife still thinks:).

Next to distract from building cases, see, as we smoked fish:)


But .....( beer and fish for fish suspended not shown, but it was delicious! just stunned!)

Well, we go forward? Not bored unless of course .... forward!!!