2010, And more -2...

In order not missed my dear reader, we go a step further!

So as you saw in the previous stages construction baths, a board in the pavilion to put it mildly, "weak", ie conventional 50 mm boards were promptly inserted at random and they were already installed benches and a table, I'm not very happy with, or rather did not like at all, and then decided I made out all the shops, pulled the board and began to give them a decent look. To do this, have done very simply, in order not to break the back of the plane, (heavy), it was decided to treat the board, but first removed the chamfer router with an attachment here:

Only height was chosen so that just round the board. After the passage of Fraser, all carefully sanded grinder. This choice was due to the fact that in the future the board will form the paint and varnish Yacht, but as you know, Yacht varnish is sufficiently dense and hides many flaws, respectively, the need for removal of a couple mm of wood planers from the board was not.

These are the planks out from under the grinders!!!

But these were previously!!

Further, followed by installation and painting boards in place, as well as securing it to the lag screws to the pavilion.

The first board in place!

The result exceeded all my expectations! Compared with what was before the floor seems to be just perfect for painting was chosen paint Marshall Protex, color Dark Walnut "Unfortunately, this paint is no longer available, and all that was nedokrasheno me before, yet remains in a strange position ... but, on the floor paint enough, and it pleases ....

Half of the floor painted


And what next? I have a little more than you can entertain the reader!! forward!