2010, And more -3...

In order not missed my dear reader, we go a step further!

In a break between jobs, I do not forget also about the contents of the garden, the precise content of what it grows:) for example - strawberries, and everything is still monitored, and when you can eat sunflower seeds from a sunflower, waiting waiting .... and, once remarked in passing that what that bastard already feed sweetly seeds, and with brazen muzzle throwing husk right on top of an inverted sunflower! Well, I think, absolutely no conscience, throw you on the ground, why on sunflower then throw on top! But the terrible guess has visited me, this bastard is none other than as "a small bird, such as thrush," he arrogantly sits on a sunflower bends his head, biting extreme seed, and quiet right in a convenient location, eats! That same thinking, infection, no, I do want to eat the sunflower..

Leftovers on the sunflower seeds

...tearing the sunflower I was blown away quietly, almost half of the seeds had been eaten, and - better half! Well, insolent, these birds are, no conscience!

That's how my seeds eaten!

Next, I took up the restoration of benches in the pavilion for gatherings, given the old mistakes (too high did the bench, people hanging legs when they sat on them) at this time took it for on a stool! Technology has chosen the same, found pieces of logs.

Supports benches

Remote mounted console for boards under the bench.

Thus here...

Measured and has attached the board, in addition, because the seat is lowered, mounted on the backs of the additional board.

Measured board

Well, we go further? a sequel!! forward!