2010, And more -4...

Continued finish pavilion!

Mount the board on the seat...

Assembled board

Furthermore, after adjustment, the board dismantled, and by analogy with the floor crafted mills grinder with flap wheels..

board adjustment

Then took up painting, paint, put on several layers, this first layer ....


Thus, it is time to engage in and the floor, as they say, not a hindrance, while the paint dries on the seats, bought in advance Yacht varnish, as well as paint, "Marshall Protex" The result exceeded all my expectations! Roughly treated wood after painting and varnish has acquired a unique tone and look as though it is already more than a dozen years on the floor of the pavilion, and as if on this floor it fell from the deck of a pirate ship 16 century :)

These are the steel board!

ДPainted floor, the benches themselves, they are ready to receive visitors!

ready !


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