2010, And more -5...

Continued decoration flooring pavilion!

Finally, dry lacquer, you can already walk safely, the second layer of lacquer was not required, the first was sufficient.

Everything was dry, you can walk !

Incidentally, we have his wife had not been forgotten and the door to the bath, do not leave the same without her ornaments and symbols, and again - in the forest for the twigs, gaining different branches, laid side decorations and made the word "bath" at the top, now mistake in the appointment of the space is difficult :)

the door

As the attentive reader remembers, before entering the bath was cast concrete slab as the future of a bed of wooden stairs. Long thought what and how to invent as a step at the entrance to the arbor, and, most offensive, then paint over, paint and then there was nothing, I bought a similar paint, but it was far from what color I wanted, but decided to experiment, this , made from a board of 50 mm half-circle, made him to a bed of boards.


So it is logical that the end of the board, facing the man who takes in an area heavy load that it destroys. So we had to invent, by removing the chainsaw bevel, half board (not an easy job I tell you, do it a chainsaw, but then a chisel to do this for much longer)

withdrew chamfer

On each board butt out, put the board also beveled, but the fibers across the load from the shoe man. Angles are customized with the fact that a minimum gap between them.

adapting a wedge

and more!

And finally, of course overdone, for which he received a scolding from his wife a decent, painted a different paint edging step! Oh and get me ... Although in my opinion, border blends with the color of the door entrance to the batch...

A little overdone with the color ...

That has turned out such a step, I do not know whether I would alter it for the next year or leave as is, I do not know!

ready !

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